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    After deciding for a few days, we’ll go with FreeBSD unless if I can get all the PHP 7.2 extensions that I need for OpenBSD to allow ArkTech’s panel to function.
    FreeBSD & OpenBSD has a great handbook but something I really like is it has a list of security vulnerabilities with commands to quickly download & patch it from the FreeBSD repositories themselves.

    Even though FreeBSD is extremely secure and nearly everyone is using it in one way or another without knowing, they still get vulnerabilities… Granted they’re 9.9/10 of the time vulnerabilities that require a user to have access to the system in the first place, they aren’t ‘remote vulnerabilities’ which are the ones that you really have to watch out for.

    OpenBSD on the other hand has only [had 2 remote vulnerabilities] that allowed access inside the system, and most other vulnerabilities are small + few & far between.

    On the flipside, FreeBSD has had 31

    and the Linux kernel has had too many to list on a page so they made a graph of vulnerabilities:

    In the end if I could, I’d switch all of ArkTech to OpenBSD but I don’t believe it to be possible especially as Valve doesn’t support or give any love at all to the BSD family.
    I wouldn’t be sure how well it’d be able to run a server if it got ported over, probably just fine but that’s why our game servers run Debian 10 since Valve supported Ubuntu directly until they got flakey with 32-bit support.
    Also, the other problem with OpenBSD network stack (and other services I’m sure) use only 1 core, as FreeBSD is heavily multithreaded.

    I see FreeBSD & OpenBSD as superior platforms (server wise) to Linux, they have a goal set and they stick with it for years and do an excellent job.
    Linux is great, but they try to be the jack of all trades but some things are just outdated feeling.

    For example, FreeBSD has a legendary network stack that is known for its high throughput and powerful controls.
    PF (BSD competitor for IPTables) has much simpler syntax and is a more capable firewall.
    FreeBSD has a much more proper implementation of ZFS, much cleaner file layout across the system, doesn’t use SystemCTL, and much more.

    I hope these reasons are convincing enough, I’ll keep everyone updated in albeit probably shorter messages.
    I try to appeal to the tech & security savvy people in the Discord by making everything ArkTech does opened to the public and open to questions.

    Thank you

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