Server Hosting Request

  • Server Type: Garry’s Mod
    Playercount: 4-12
    Voice Server: Not Quite Sure What This one means.
    Community URL:
    Have you read the ToS?: Yes, I have read the ToS.
    Quote one line from the ToS: That my server can be removed at any time and your not my personal developer.
    Pre-Mount CSS?: Yes, premount Css.

    Though we have some people in the discord the server really only gets 4-12 people when it’s up. We’re currently using a hosting service but it’s making it impossible for us to purchase addons. Besides its really laggy and unplayable with more than 8 people actively playing. Even if we don’t get accepted I would just like to thank you for giving people a free hosting service. It’s really generous of you and I’d just like to say thanks.😎

    Steam |
    Discord | Aurum#7715

  • GNU/Linux Owner

    Hello Aurum, I’m sorry to say but as of right now ArkTech isn’t accepting servers. I try my best to keep the nodes from being overstocked to guarantee consistent performance, and unfortunately that means to delay server requests or deny them all together.

    I’ll leave this application pending and I’ll come back to it when there’s some free space.

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