Servers Back Up 2x

  • During the planned maintenance right after taking the old UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that was faulty out of the server room and plugging everything into just a surge protector (no batteries) I set the UPS on my lap and was filling out the warranty information.

    I powered it on real quick to see what error it shot out and it just started to work, so I took the servers down again right after they went up to plug the main server machine into the back of the UPS and to my surprise it broke again and shot out an error. I plug everything back into my surge protector again and when I was testing the UPS further I noticed it could still power my aquarium, network switches, and fans no problem.
    After further investigation the problem was the specific power supply on my server machine I was plugging into my UPS was faulty and it would make the UPS shoot out errors and not work.
    After plugging in all the ArkTech server equipment (firewalls/switches/web servers/ game servers) into the back of it all except the broken power supply (it has two of them in a server) everything powered up perfectly fine and I plugged the UPS into the surge protector and everything seemed to have came back up.

    That’s a major relief as I was worried all of our UPSs were broken, after doing this maintenance and reorganizing all the wires in the server room I left it finding out both of our UPS units were working again. There shouldn’t be anymore downtime until later this week around Tuesday or Wednesday due to getting a new network switch in for ArkTech. :lunar2019grinningpig: