Planned Downtime 10:30 PM Eastern

  • Hello! There is planned downtime for an estimated hour, our drives for our new NAS arrived and so had our RAID controller. I need to flash the RAID controller to an HBA firmware to allow passthrough to our ZFS based NAS.

    With the current motherboards I have available, they make me unable to flash the firmware however our firewall machine has a good chance of being the right type of BIOS to allow this process to happen. Unfortunately that means I have to take the firewall out and unhook it, which will take down the network however it will come back up when all is done.

    Once the NAS is finished I am planning to allow long-term existing ArkTech server owners to have backup storage for their servers, I apologize in advance for the downtime and will hold off on the downtime if I see servers still populated. I will update this post if the downtime gets post-poned.
    Thank you