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    This is an FAQ to hopefully resolve any problems before they get asked.

    Q: How do I add my collection to my server?
    A: Go to the left of your server panel and click “Configuration”, when you’re in there you can click “Starup Parameters” then you’ll see all of your configuration options. You’ll need your CollectionID and Steam API Key to add your workshop addons to the server.
    You can get your Steam API Key here:

    Q: How do I set the name of my server?
    A: Go into your config located in /garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg and add:
    hostname “Put your server name here”

    Q: How can I get another server hosted?
    A: Most likely you can’t, until I buy more server equipment I will host 1 game server, 5 voice servers. (TeamSpeak & Mumble)

    Q: Will you do web hosting for my FastDL and forums?
    A: Yes! That is planned to come soon, no expected date however. Just upgraded the uplink to accommodate for this.

    Q: Why do my servers only allow me to go up to 33 tickrate?
    A: More often than not, higher than 33 tickrate isn’t useful and there’s a negligible difference with hit registration, this isn’t on the same version of Source Engine as CS:GO and no matter how high tickrate you put it as, you won’t see benefits. 33 and 66 tick are the same in that manner.
    They’re restricted to a lower tickrate as it reduces server load and keeps your server from having unstable ticks and lag spikes, it helps the performance of the server as it updates 33 times per second versus 66. The lower the tickrate you can get, the more players you can fit. This depends heavily on which gamemode you are running.

    Q: Why can’t I make my own account?
    A: Currently my hosting is private and requires me to make the user accounts for you, however once it’s created you can change your password/email and be on your own. This just prevents spam accounts from registering and it’s cheaper as other automated methods (WHMCS) costs a monthly fee for me.

    Q: How do I add a subuser?
    A: Towards the left of your panel you’ll see “Subusers”, I hope you can figure the rest out there.

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