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    ArkTechHosting is looking for a couple positions to be filled, this is voltuneer work as I am not pulling in any funding for hosting I can not be paying people to be employees. When the future servers are rolled out and there are paid services, I will be willing to pay once the budget is high enough.
    Wages can be discussed.

    Looking for:
    Server/Technical Support
    [You will be apart of the team and resolve problems for users with servers, you won’t be their developer however if they’ve got problems such as an addon isn’t loading onto their server, their server won’t start, they’re getting file import errors, and problems alike, you will resolve it to the best of your ability or escalate it to Soarin’.]
    • Knowledge and previous experience of Garry’s Mod server hosting
    • Handle problems maturely and escalate problems properly
    • Log problems, it helps tune the FAQ.
    • High availabiltiy

    Server/VM Administration
    [You will be the uptime keeper while Soarin’ is unavailable for any reason, your job is to make sure the server machine stays up and if it goes down for any reason, you will go into your supplied secure environment to start the servers back up and verify that everybody’s servers are coming up as they should.]
    • A phone and/or active Email, you will be texted & emailed when the servers go down automatically. You have to get them back up ASAP.
    • Download ArkTech’s VPN to access your secure environment, you will be given access to a virtual machine server on the server network with limited access to hypervisor.
    • Basic problem solving skills and escalation skills, if you are unsure how to resolve a problem please do not try to do anything potentially risky. Let Soarin’ know and he’ll fix it.
    • Basic security knowledge, don’t save your ArkTech VPN password in plain text anywhere, don’t remain logged into your remote environment, and especially do not remain logged into the hypervisor. You will be checked on, if you’re caught being wreckless with security you will be replaced.
    • Good logging abilities, write down every downtime and problem recorded. If you’re not positive, write what you think it could be. This is important to solving problems.

    These positions will be subject to change, more positions may be added, this post will be updated.
    Contact @Soarin’ for job related questions

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