Terms of Service/Agreement TOS/TOA

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    Terms of Agreement: Updates 5/1/19 2:23 PM Eastern


    1.) Do not go inactive for weeks at a time on your server unless if you tell me, this is my hardware that I own and your server takes up valuable space. There’s no guarantee I’ll warn you before termination, this is your own risk.

    2.) Your server will be null-routed if it recieves large DDoS attacks frequently.

    3.) ArkTech’s servers are not under RAID currently, this will change in upcoming months but backup your files frequently. I have built a NAS for you to do this on and ArkTech Vault accounts are free.

    4.) One game server per person, this quota will raise when I buy more hardware.

    5.) I am not your server’s developer, I will not be configuring things for you that you have the ability to do yourself. If it’s a problem on the host end (The website’s down, server won’t start, anything you are unable to resolve due to physical limitations) then I will fix immediately.

    6.) Must have at least 500 hours in Garry’s Mod or proof of previous server ownership, this is to reduce the amount of people who rely on me to help them too much. Some exceptions do apply.

    7.) Must speak fluent English and preferably be in the USA/Canada for the optimal latency & timezone for support.

    8.) Your server is subject to being removed at any time without notice, this will only happen if you’re violating the terms listed.

    9.) If you already have game servers and a community or can afford hosting, then I will not host for you. I host for small startups who can not afford hosting. This will change when I get more hardware, but while I’m limited on hardware this is how it is.

    10.) No content that would be considered illegal in the state/country where ArkTechHosting is located. (USA)

    My host does better with lighter gamemoes (TTT/PropHunt/Murder/Cinema/Slender) for example compared to heavier (SantoSRP, DarkRP, Nutscript, Clockwork, Sandbox) it can do it, but if you’re hoping to have 20+ players at a solid tickrate then there’s no guarantee.

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