ArkTechHosting Plans

  • In the last announcement I did a basic rundown with what’s happening with ArkTechHosting, I was on a phone during that time and hadn’t had my computer for nearly 2 months because I was out of state. Now that I’m home I’ll expand further on the ideas I’ve got for ArkTech.
    The expansion path I’m going for is going to be for the benefit of everybody, I’m still going to keep free servers without any catches like ads, playercount requirements, no support, and things alike. However, there will be paid plans that will be rolled out that give better performance, features, support, expansion paths for communities, and redundancy.

    I’ll explain more, first I’ll write out the basic hardware I’m looking to get for ArkTech. I’ll give each server machine a name.

    Free Server Machine: (Pedro)
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700(x) <-- Expected to be 12c 24t
    RAM: 24-32GB DDR4 2666Mhz <-- Can be faster, depends on price.
    HDD/SSD: 4x 2 TB HDD for mass storage with maybe a small 128GB SSD for caching, this way when a lot of servers are being turned on and off or map changes occur, then they’ll load more off the SSD.

    Paid Server Machine: (RPaul)
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700(x) <-- Expected to be 12c 24t
    RAM: 32GB DDR4 2666Mhz
    Storage: 4-6+x 1TB SSD
    NIC: 10Gbps SFP+ <— For the file transfers

    You’ll see that the paid and free servers are the same CPU, there’s a possibility this could change to a Ryzen 5 with 8c 16. The main difference is the free servers will only be able to have 25% of a single core dedicated to their server while a paid server can have up to 125% of a core.
    With the CES 2019 display of AMD’s suspected Ryzen 5 having the same performance as the i9-9900k while consuming around half the power consumption. With these new chips, power consumption is extremely important to me, I’ll expand on that later.

    If the new AMD chips are at the same performance as the i9-9900k, which I believe they’ll be faster since the one that had the same performance as the i9-9900k was an engineering sample, there’s still no set clocks and the chip itself isn’t finished. But, let’s say worst case scenario they do end up being teh same speed singlecore, that would still mean that 25% of a singlecore will still be a few % faster than the current ArkTech CPU’s singlecore performance at 100%.
    People will still be able to run 32 player servers on lighter gamemodes like Murder/PropHunt/Cinema/TTT/Deathrun/etc without experiencing lag, however Sandbox/DarkRP/SWRP/Nutscript/Spacebuild/etc that are heavier gamemodes might want to buy the 50%-125% plan which prices will be very fair.

    Some benefits of paid hosting is planned to have a NAS so server owners get a certain about of GB dedicated to them to store their server backups on. I’m thinking of doing 25-50GB of storage to begin with as apart of the base plan, and can be expanded past that. 25GB can store months of backups of a GMod server if you backup the important files, not stuff like workshop addon cache and SRCDS files.
    There may be free included web hosting, higher priority support, and of course the benefits of having the SSD server machine and more dedicated core usage of the CPU. There won’t be ‘Higher priority plans’ that you can purchase for an extra few $ a month because the server machine will have dedicated space for each server, instead of packing the server with as many servers and overloading their nodes.

    Those are the basic plans I’ve got, of course there’s plenty more like the firewalls, networking behind it, security, storage redundancy and fault tolerance planning, but none of that is relevant to a consumer is why I haven’t added it to this. Only things that the majority of consumers will be interested in has been added here.

    If you’ve got any questions or concerns, I encourage you to reply to this post. This will be automatically forwarded to in the Announcements subforum if you wish to reply there too.